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Silversmith, Lapidary, Restoration
Newport, Maine 04953

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Handcrafted jewelry design using minerals
primarily from the rich caverns and beaches of Maine.

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My gravitation toward the arts occurred naturally, and as a young child my curiosity led me to explore many mediums. In my late teens I became interested in creating silver jewelry and was fortunate to find a course near Boston where I could learn the basics from a gifted instructor. My hobby was put on hold, as I was soon to become married and raising a family for the next twenty years or so. I continued to be involved in various mediums on a small scale, but my desire to pursue metal work was curtailed till a few years ago. I found myself drawn toward jewelry, once again, and began beading, using semi-precious beads and sterling components. It wasn't long before my interest in metalsmithing was re-kindled. I was able to locate a studio where I took some refresher courses in metalsmithing and lapidary work. I soon joined a rock and lapidary club, going on field trips to find my own rocks and minerals. Before long I was able to make pieces of jewelry from start to finish, from finding the rocks, cutting, shaping and polishing them, to setting them in silver for pendants, bracelets and rings.

My family is grown now and I live on a small homesteading farm where I continue to be inspired by the nature surrounding me and translate that inspiration into my jewelry. Though I sometimes use rocks and minerals from other countries as well, I focus most of my efforts on the beautiful and bountiful supply of minerals from Maine quarries, mines and beaches, which include green, pink, black and watermelon tourmaline, picture jasper, striped agate, amethyst, beryl, morganite, red jasper, pink quartz, smoky quartz, and many more!

My work also includes some jewelry restoration.

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