Don Beaupre

Journalist and Editor of Exceptional Courage
and Dedication to the Public Interest

Over the past 30 years, Don Beaupre was editor of a number of local newspapers in the vicinity of Washington, D.C. Well aware that pursuit of truth in reporting can threaten or interrupt a journalist's career, Don Beaupre, nevertheless, developed a steady stream of exposÚs of government misbehavior, creating devoted and excited readerships along his tour of editorships. By his own courageous example and from warm-hearted advice to those who aspired to write about controversy, he collected a following of people who themselves became observers and writers -- competent at separating real news from the comfortable corporate and political chaff so characteristic of our times.

Today, in retirement in Prince George's County, Maryland, Beaupre runs a professional health therapy practice using hypnotism -- a long time personal avocation.


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