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Julian C. Holmes

photo credit: Simon's Photographic, Readfield, Maine.

  • Julian C. Holmes, a retired physicist, lives in Wayne, Maine, and for over 40 years has been active in civil rights, environmental matters, and exploring the behavior of government -- in Washington DC, Maryland, Virginia, and Maine. Read more about Julian in the "About the Author" chapter of his book.

Julian's book on MTBE Dirty Air, Dirty Water
How to order the hardcopy version of Dirty Air, Dirty Water.
Julian's various letters to the editor

JULIAN C. HOLMES 1930–2012
“Activist, political crusader, scourge of apathetic or dishonest state and federal bureaucrats, and retired physicist Julian Holmes died on 16-Dec-1012, following a stroke at his home in Wayne, Maine.

Julian played a role in the Watergate investigation, and in the empaneling of a grand jury in Maryland that rooted out corruption in Prince Georges County.

He was an early member of the Maine Green Party.

He was instrumental in the successful fight against Angus King's Sears Island woodchip port proposal thanks to his extensive, targeted use of federal and state freedom of information laws that revealed unlawful political pressure being brought against federal environmental staffers by then-Congresswoman Olympia Snowe. As a Result, the

As a result the EPA staff were allowed to finish their review of the port and deliver it to the Army Corps of Engineers, which then set environmental requirements for building the port that the King Administratn was uinable to meet was unable to meet.

Holmes also played a key role in the banishing of MTBE reformulated gasoline from Maine gas stations.

Julian Holmes was a generous donor to those in need, whether a person needing basic living necessities, or grassroots environmentalists in need of computers and other gear.

Thank you Julian for everything you did. Maine, and the Earth at large is better for your having been here.”

— Ron Huber

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