Want to join the market?

While applications are open to anyone who would like to apply, each year we attempt to accept only those new members who will offer items for sale at the market which are not already present in abundance. If you are not currently familiar with what items are present at market, reviewing the member directory or an actual visit to the market may help.

Everything offered for sale at market must be produced by market members themselves.

How to apply to the market: download the Market Application, the Market Rules and the Market By-Laws from the About the Market page. THIS IS IMPORTANT! These documents will help you to understand how the market operates and what is expected of all market members. Instructions for submitting the application and the deadline for applying are on the application form itself.

New applications are considered at our March General Membership Meeting, which all new applicants are required to attend. You will be notified of the time and place of that meeting once we have your application, so be sure the information you provide on the application is current and accurate. The meeting is usually held in the afternoon of the second Saturday in March.

You may want to review the New Applicant Orientation Page describing the application process in detail.

If you have further questions you may contact the market’s Membership Coordinator Jessie Dowling, 35 Townhouse Rd., Whitefield ME 04353, 465-5255, fuzzyudder@gmail.com.