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Orono Farmers' Market
2017 Member Directory

Updated with current member info each year in April.
This year's new members are marked in RED.

For Past Market Members, visit the Past Members Page.

2017 Steering Committee
  • Chair:
      Steve Meres
  • Secretary:
      Rachel Katz
  • Treasurer:
      Clayton Carter
  • Asst. Treasurer:
      Linda Bowden
  • Market Manager -Sat: Mark Guzzi
  • Market Manager - Tue: Linda Bowden
  • Market Manager - Wint: John Barnstein
  • At Large #1: Tom Roberts
  • At Large #2: John Barnstein
  • Membership Coordinator: Rachel Katz

Balfour Farm
Joined the market in 2013.

Heather & Doug Donahue, 435 Webb Rd., Pittsfield, ME 04942.
ph. 213-3159 (Heather) or 213-3158 (Doug), balfourfarm@gmail.com, www.balfourfarmdairy.com
also on Facebook

Balfour Farm is a MOFGA certified organic dairy and farmstead creamery. We make fresh yogurts, cheeses, butter, cultured cream, and bottle our milk (unpasteurized and not homogenized). We also make an expanding selection of hard cheeses: Haymaker (Double Gloucester type cheese), Cotswold, Garlic, Sundried Tomato and Basil, Smokey Ghost (chipotle pepper), and Colby. All hard cheeses are made with raw milk and aged 60-90 days or more.

By mid summer we will also be offering a small selection of baked goods using our dairy products, jams, jellies, and canned items from our gardens.

We will be attending the Saturday market from April to December. We also attend the Brunswick, Portland, Bath Farmers' Markets.

Burke Hill Farm
Joined the market in 2013.

Ben Perrin, 520 Blackswoods Road, Cherryfield 04622,
ph. 460-6215, burkehillfarm@gmail.com.

We grow organic wild blueberries on around 120 acres. We sell fresh berries in pints and 5 lb. and 10 lb. boxes. Free snacks for the kids because every kid should be eating blueberries.

We will be at market on Saturdays from the very end of July through middle of September. We also attend the Ellsworth, Rockland, Belfast and Town Hill Farmers' Markets.

Cornerstone Farm

Hanne Tierney, 74 Dogtown Rd., Palmyra ME 04965,
cell: 416-2676, email: hanne@cornerstonefarm.us

Are you looking for Amazing Tomatoes? Smokey Bacon? Arm loads of Leafy Greens? And a grill full of wicked good Sausages? Well then you have found the right farm! We raise our hogs on pasture; they are allowed to run, root, wallow, and just plain lay in the sun enjoying the fresh air! Our hogs are happy, our veggies are certified organic and crazy fresh! We grow a lot of heirlooms which means our veggie varieties are selected to taste amazing. With all this great food you will look like a super hero cook when you serve it up to your friends and family!

We also attend the Bangor winter market

You can also find us at the Waterville, Portland, and Bangor Farmer's Markets, as well as the Portland Winter Farmers' Market.

Daily Bread
Joined the market in 2008.

Donna & Michael Mionis, 30 Sunny Acres Drive, Levant ME 04456, ph. 884-8224, cell 745-2376, email: donnasdailybread@yahoo.com

We are small, family run bakery, on our beautiful little farm here in Levant. Our specialty is making high quality yeast breads in a wide variety of flavors. Whenever possible we use locally grown ingredients for some very unique flavors like spinach and cheddar, blueberry, and garlic dill to name but a few.

We look forward to baking for you this season each Tuesday and Saturday as well as the Winter Market beginning in December. We also attend the Brewer, Hermon, Bangor, Stonington, Bluehill, Augusta (Mill Park), Augusta (Viles Arboretum), Winter Harbor and the downtown Bangor Artisans' Market.

Enchanted Kitchen at Fire Fly Farm
Joined the market in 2009.

Billi Barker, 526 Dexter Rd, St. Albans ME 04971, ph. 938-3906
email: fireflymaine@yahoo.com
website: www.enchantedkitchen.org
Facebook: Enchanted Kitchen

Baker, caterer, certified organic farm. Fire Fly Farm is a certified organic 25 acre farm. All the fruit, vegetables and herbs grown here are brought to the kitchen to create amazing savory and sweet treats for farmers' market. My artisan bread is made with Maine organic whole grains, the ingredients of all of my savory and sweets are made with mostly Maine sourced, seasonal ingredients.

New! Come enjoy fresh crępes made to order from Maine Farmers' Market ingredients!! Whipped up and served at our booth~

I will be attending Saturday Markets all season and winter season too! I also attend the Belfast and Bangor Farmers' Markets.

Evermay Nursery

Richard May, 11 Chapel Road, Orono, ME 04473, 991-4467, info@evermaynursery.com, www.evermaynursery.com.

We grow a spring crop of flower and vegetable seedlings, hanging baskets and pots. We also grow about 500 different unusual perennial plants, many of which are alpine plants or woodland plants. We have three small greenhouses and use about an acre of leased land.

At market on Saturdays from April through September. We also attend the Bangor Farmers' Market.

Fail Better Farm

Clayton Carter, 582 Old County Road, Etna ME 04434, ph. 951-5953, clayton@failbetterfarm.com

Rainbow Carrots! Tender Broccolini! Crisp Radishes! Juicy Tomatoes! As 9th generation family farmers, we produce beautiful and delicious MOFGA certified Organic vegetables. We invite you to bring our organic produce home to your family, adding color, taste, and good health to your table.

We'll be at market Saturdays only, from May to November and at the winter markets. We also attend the Waterville, and Bangor Farmers' Markets.

Far East Cuisine Catering Service

Bich Nga & Steven Burrill, 185 Coles Corner Road, Winterport ME 04496, ph. 223-4150, fareastcuisine@myfairpoint.net, www.bichngaburrill.com.

Three varieties of eggrolls, summer rolls, vegan fried rice, pad thai, chicken, pork and tofu entreés, soups, salads, dumplings and seasonal surprises. All made with fresh veggies from our garden and/or the gardens of our fellow vendors.

At market on Saturdays only throughout the season, and at the winter markets from December through April. We also attend the Bar Harbor, Northeast Harbor, and Stonington Farmers' Markets.

Farm House Coffee Roasters
Joined the market in 2016.

Andrew Newell, 169 Baker Rd., Winterport, 04496, andrew@farmhousecoffeeroasters.com, website: farmhousecoffeeroasters.com.

We are a local coffee roaster offering only the finest coffees available.

At market on Saturdays only year round. We also offer coffee through our website.

Freyenhagen's Farm

Jim Freyenhagen, 51 Wottons Mill Road, Union, ME 04862, ph. 785-4559.

Our farm is on 10 acres, with 1½ acres tilled. We process our maple products on the property, all sap is hauled in by trucks from leased trees at various locations. On a normal year, we produce 400-600 gallons of maple syrup. Syrup is packaged in containers ranging from 100ml to 1 gal. We also have maple cream. Maple products available year round. We will have various produce, wild blackberries and fiddleheads during their appropriate seasons.

At market Saturdays only from May to January. We also attend the Hallowell, Union and Rockland Farmers' Market.

Fuzzy Udder Creamery
Joined the market in 2015.

Jessie Dowling, 35 Townhouse Rd., Whitefield ME 04353, ph. 549-3817, fuzzyudder@gmail.com, website: www.fuzzyudder.com

We make a variety of fresh and aged cheeses and yogurt made from goat, sheep and cow's milk. Our products include: fresh hand-stretched mozzarella, brie, ashed cheeses, tomme, swiss, gouda, washed rinds and sheep milk yogurt. We milk 25 sheep and goats raised on pasture with lots of love and we buy in organic cow's milk and some additional sheep's milk.

We'll be at all the Saturday summer and winter markets. We're also at the Camden, Damariscotta, and Bar Harbor Farmers' Markets.

Grassland Farm
Joined the market in 2006.

Sarah Smith & Jason Arno, 41 Grassland Lane, Skowhegan, ME 04976, ph. 474-6864, email: grasslandfarm@hotmail.com, website: www.grasslandorganicfarm.com

We milk a mixed genetics herd of 40 cows primarily linebacks, a dual purpose breed for milking or raising for beef. We offer Gold Quality delicious, organic raw milk in a variety of sizes. Our creamy yogurt is available in a number of flavors and sizes. We raise certified organic beef on grass at our own farm, available by the cut. Seasonally available organic mixed veggies and milk-fed pork by the cut.

We will be at market Saturdays and Tuesdays all season and will be at the winter markets from December through April.

We also attend farmers' markets in Skowhegan, and at Mill Park in Augusta.

High Lonesome Acres

Linda & Nelson Bowden, PO Box 147, 181 Brown Road, Harmony ME 04942, ph. 270-0275, busylady181@gmail.com

We grow a wide variety of veggies on 8 acres, from lettuce to sweet corn, winter squash, potatoes and pumpkins. etc. We have about 80 laying hens for Farm Fresh Free Range Eggs. Honey from our bees. From our kitchen we do home made baked goods, jams, jellies, pickles, relishes, home made sauces, pickled eggs, and more. We also gather wild fiddleheads.

We plan to be at market on Tuesdays and Saturdays all season long, and at all the Winter Market from December through April. We also sell at the Pittsfield Farmers' Market, roadside on Main Street in Jackman, and the farmstand at our farm.

Highland Organics
Joined the market in 2013.

Tom & Theresa Gaffney & Chelsea Emms, PO Box 20, Stockton Springs 04981, 207-567-3763, highlandblueberryfarm@gmail.com

Highland Organics, A Taste of Wild Maine in every Blueberry.®
We have been hand-crafting the first ever Organic Whole Plant Wild Maine Blueberry Tea since 2006. Our tea is a rich blueberry taste brimming with antioxidants from the fruit and leaves of the wild Maine blueberry plant. Our tea is naturally caffeine free. We also have Organic Blueberry Barque a wholesome dehydrated blueberry chip that is excellent as a snack right from the bag or added to yogurt, ice cream, or granola. Our barque can be cooked with, as in muffins, added to oatmeal or topped on a salad. We will also have frozen organic blueberries out of season only in 1 lb., 5 lb. & 10 lb. boxes starting in the fall of 2013.

We plan to be at market on Saturdays from April to January. We also attend the Rockland, Camden, and Belfast Farmers' Markets.

Kousky Farm

Millie & Dave Kousky, 880 Ledge Hill Road, Corinth, ME 04427.

We grow 2½ acres of high quality vegetables. Thru the season we offer a full array of produce, from early tomatoes to beet greens, spinach, lettuce, peas, beans, cukes, potatoes, onions, eggplants, peppers, melons and many more including our ever popular sweet potatoes.

We will be at market on Tuesday & Saturday from May to November. We also attend the Penobscot Farmers' Market in Brewer.

Lobster Shack

Perley & Caty Frazier, POBox 318, 20 Jericho Way, Stonington, 04681, ph. 367-5059, lobstershack8@gmail.com, website www.mainelobstershack.me

We trap wild Maine lobsters and crabs out of Stonington Harbor. We also purchase local clams, crabmeat, shrimp and fresh fish as available during season. The lobsters are caught using our lobster boat "Jericho III" and wire lobster traps which are made locally. You can call or email us with orders to be ready for pickup at the market.

We plan to be at market all season Saturdays only, and at the Winter Market from December through April. We also attend the Stonington and Bar Harbor Farmers' Markets.

Lor Farm
Joined the market in 2014.

Erin McWallers & Aktan Askin, 135 Hunt Rd., Thorndike 04986, 568-1070, lorfarm@gmail.com

Lor Farm raises sheep and dairy goats on 38 acres in Thorndike. We are a MOFGA certified organic dairy and creamery. We rotationally graze our animals from May to October and milk using a mobile, solar-powered milking unit. Our herd of sheep and goats is currently made up of about fourteen animals. All of our yogurt and cheese is made on the farm in our licensed creamery. We focus on crafting dairy products based on Aegean and Mediterranian recipes. Our primary cheese is a Cypriot frying cheese called Halloumi. We also offer lamb cuts and lambskins in season.

We will be at market on Saturdays from June to November.

Maine-ly Poultry

John Barnstein, PO Box 5, 1461 Atlantic Hwy., Warren ME 04864, ph. 273-2809, jbarnstein@aol.com

We are a family operated farm that raises broilers and turkeys on feed with no growth hormones, antibiotics or animal by-products. Besides all cuts of fresh chicken we also offer homemade chicken pies, chicken sausage, chicken salad, smoked chicken, rotisserie chicken, ground turkey, turkey cutlets, turkey jerkey. Fresh turkeys are usually available from mid October through the first of the year. We also offer fresh eggs and raw goat's milk.

We will be at market all season long on Saturdays only, including all of the Winter Markets. We also attend the Belfast, Rockland, Damariscotta, Bath, Boothbay, Portland, South Portland, and Brunswick Farmers' Markets.

Marr Pond Farm
Joined the market in 2016.

Ryan Clarke & Courtney Williams, 471 Flanders Hill Rd., Sangerville, 04479
ph. 659-3519, marpondfarm@gmail.com, and on Facebook.

We grow a diverse mix of produce in our fields and forest on the edge of Marr Pond. We offer seasonal, log-grown shiitake mushrooms, stop by for recipe ideas or to learn about growing mushrooms. We cultivate a wide range of vegetables, including lettuce, carrots, cooking greens, beets, onions, and winter squash, with a focus on salad vegetables. Seasonally we offer cut flowers and seedlings.

We will be at market on Saturdays from June to late October. We also attend the Waterville Farmers' Market.

Mildel Farm

Mike & Mildred Levesque, 1348 Moosehead Trail, Plymouth ME 04969, ph. 257-2514.

We are a 70 acre farm with four acres in apples, pears, plums and blueberries. We have a two acre farm pond, 45 acres of woods and 15 acres of hayfields. High bush blueberries, raspberries, asparagus and cider in season.

We will be at market on Saturdays from late August to November. We also attend the Belfast Farmers' Market

Peacemeal Farm

Mark Guzzi & Marcia Ferry, 25 Peacemeal Lane, Dixmont 04932. ph. 257-4103, peacemeal@midmaine.com.

We grow a wide variety of MOFGA-certified organic veggies including peas, beans, tomatoes, melons, squash, garlic, onions, carrots, potatoes and much more. We will have seedlings in the spring for your garden and produce for winter storage in the fall. EBT and WIC accepted.

We also make apple boxes from trees cut on our farm, and offer them at market.

We'll be at market on Tuesdays from June to October and on Saturdays from March to December. We also attend the Camden, Belfast, Waterville and Bangor Farmers' Markets.

Plymouth Pond Farm & Bakery
Joined the market in 2014.

Steve Meres, 451 Loud Road, Plymouth 04969, 257-4169, steven.meres@gmail.com.

We are a small family bakery with a passion for quality and local organic ingredients…food we feel good about serving our own family. We specialize in New York style bagels, and soft flour tortilla wraps. Look also for our savory crackers, real butter croissants, and traditional soft pretzels periodically.

We'll be attending the Saturday market as well as the Winter Market. We also attend the Skowhegan Farmers’ Market on Wednesdays, and the Belfast Farmers’ Market on Fridays.

Richardson's Strawberry Farm
Joined the market in 2014.

Judith Richardson, 219 Canaan Road, Clinton 04927, 453-2093.

We currently have two acres of strawberries and have been growing strawberries for 30 years. We also have a pick-your-own operation and farm stand at the farm. I will be bringing strawberries in quart boxes as long as we have strawberries.

We'll be at market on Tuesdays and Saturdays starting in late June until in early July.

Rocky Ground
Joined the market in 2015.

Angus Deighan & Abbey Verrier, 2566 Kennebec Road, Newburgh 04444, ph. 234-2570, rockygroundcider@gmail.com and on Facebook.

Hard cider.

Rocky Ground is a new farm on an old homestead in Newburgh. The house dates to 1803, and the orchard was abandoned 70 years ago. In 2011, Abbey, like many before her, caught the Apple Bug after meeting John Bunker. The sickness quickly spread to Angus. They soon realized there was no cure for their affliction, and that the only treatment was more apples. The two have been stuck in fruit trees ever since. With the help of family and friends, the orchard out back is being cleared and re-planted. Abbey and Angus are inspired by the ciders of England, France and Spain, where cider culture was never lost. They are striving to produce ciders true to Maine tradition and terroir, with a heavy emphasis on the tannins of wild fruit, and heirloom varieties from ancient trees. Once again, the old cellar is full of oak barrels and glass carboys slowly bubbling through the winter.

We'll be at all the winter markets from December through mid May. Since we ae not allowed to sell alcoholic beverages on University property, we will not be attending the summer markets.

Rollins Orchards
Joined the market in 2015.

Ernest & Andrea Rollins, 262 Dexter Road, Garland 04939, ph. 924-3504 rollinsorchards@gmail.com, www.rollinsorchards.com. Visit us on Facebook.

Rollins Orchards is a family farm, in operation since 1821. We grow 25 acres of over 40 varieties apples and other tree fruit. We press cider fresh through the fall and winter and offer frozen cider in the spring and early summer. We also grow sweet corn and blackberries.

We'll be at market on Saturdays and Tuesdays all summer and at all the winter markets. We also attend the Bangor Ohio Street, Herman, and Dover Cove Farmers' Markets and sell at our farmstand in Garland.

Smith's Log Smokehouse

Josie Jones, 7 East Main St., Monroe ME 04951, ph. 525-7735, email ensemblefarm@gmail.com, website: www.LogSmokehouse.net.

We have one USDA processing plant and three smokehouses. We make our own food as well as products for other people. Smiths smokehouse is featured on the food network. We have a fine selection of smoked cheeses, hams, salami, salmon, snack stick & jerky, chicken, bacon, sausages, lard and lardo. Our motto BEHIND THE TIMES speaks for itself. Open for tours by appointment.

We will be at market on Saturday all season long and at the Winter Markets. We also attend the Brunswick Winter Market on Saturdays; in the summer we do Thursday Boothbay, Friday Stonington, Saturday Camden and Blue Hill, and Sunday Bar harbor.

Snakeroot Organic Farm
Joined the market in 1994.

Tom Roberts & Lois Labbe
27 Organic Farm Road, Pittsfield 04967
ph. 416-5417
Tom@snakeroot.net, Lois@snakeroot.net
and on the web at: www.snakeroot.net/farm and on Facebook

Our 5 acres of MOFGA certified organic gardens provide shoppers with the finest vegetables and culinary herbs, as well as offering blooming lupines & other perennials in recycled plant pots. We offer many unusual items including garden seeds, grapes, fiddleheads, gobo, celeriac, and dried herbs and heirloom tomatoes. Visit our gardens and greenhouse anytime, or come to our annual guided farm tour on the second Sunday in July, noon to 4pm.

Ask about our CSA plan and about bulk purchases of tomatoes, basil, parsley, carrots, garlic, etc.

At market Tues. & Sat. all season, and at the winter markets in April. Also at the Pittsfield, Waterville, Unity, and Newport Farmers' Markets.

Tangled Oak Farm
Joined the market in 2006.

Bill & Michelle Neville, 1187 Back Brooks Road, Monroe 04951, ph. 505-6471, email: tangledoakfarm@yahoo.com
Facebook: Tangled Oak Farm

We are a diversified farm located in the beautiful midcoast town of Monroe. We produce and sell grass-fed beef, pasture raised pork, eggs, mixed vegetables and seedlings.

We will be at market all season from early May through late October, as well as attending the Winter Market. We also attend the Bangor Farmers' Market.

Terranian Farm
Joined the market in 2009.

Rachel Katz & Sam Hazlehurst, 105 Troy Center Road, Troy 04987, ph. 323-8653, rachel@terranianfarm.com, www.terranianfarm.com

Delicious organic vegetables grown in Troy. Unusual varieties, impeccably cleaned, harvested fresh for you. Pick up some herbs to spice up your life. Enjoy some of our flowers; food for the soul. Stop by our stand for informative conversation about growing, cooking and anything else that might catch our fancy. See you soon!

We will attending market on Saturdays only from June through April. We also attend the Downtown Waterville Farmers' Market.

The Wickett Farm

Mark Wickett, 1235 Kirkland Road, Old Town ME 04468, ph. 827-0304, wickett0304@aol.com, and on Facebook.

At the Wickett Farm we have 75 acres of land and two acres of edible harvest land where we grow a variety of mixed vegetables and fruit trees. We also raise healthy herford cows that eat off the land. We will be offering fresh picked vegetables and lean grass-fed beef at the market.

We'll be at market on Tuesdays and Saturdays from March through November.

Worcester's Wild Blueberries

Everett & Lee Worcester, 356 Lyford Road, Orneville Twp., ME 04463, ph. 943-8804, inquiries@wildblueberryproducts.com , www.wildblueberryproducts.com/

Every year our 35 acres of wild lowbush blueberries are havested to provide our valued customers with a clean, tasty, healthy and truly Maine product. We pride ourselves in producing pint and quart boxes of berries that are clean, fresh and ready to use "out of the box". We also offer 5+ quart freezer-ready boxes of berries of the same high quality. From our kitchen we produce blueberry jam, jelly, syrup, chutney, a blueberry juice drink, vinaigrette, and pie filling. Sugar-free jam and syrup are also available. We also offer delicious wild blueberry blossom honey which honey lovers will find especialy tasty. Most of our products are available as wedding favors from Maine.

Our fresh berries are available wholesale and retail on Tuesdays and Saturdays from late-July through early September. All our kitchen products are available year-round and we attend the Winter Market once a month.

We are also members of the Bangor, Waterville and Brewer Farmers' Markets.


Going to market . . .

is a rich experience in meeting and greeting produce and people. One can see and taste whats in season and learn to prepare the seasons local best with respect.

Farmers universally love to share recipes, so shoppers should be unafraid to ask what to do with one foodstuff or another.

Today the thrill of outdoor markets is sweeping American towns and cities from Santa Monica to Orono.


Everyone Bring One

Do you know just one person who would enjoy the benefits of shopping at the Orono Farmers Market? We would love to welcome your friend as our newest shopper!


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What is a Farmers' Market?

In todays rush for one-stop convenience shopping and year-round availability of foods from the global marketplace, our communities all too often have lost touch with the productivity of our local small farms. And the small scale grower has lost the connection with markets of appropriate scale. The Orono Farmers Market offers a solution where 100% of the money shoppers spend goes directly to the local farmer.

Not just one shop

The Farmers' Market is a collection of independent growers each with their own standards of quality, display, selection, price and friendliness. They have joined together in a Farmers' Market Association to assure the shopping public of regular hours, high quality, and wide selection, and to thereby attract more customers than any one of them could do alone.

Many regular shoppers eventually settle on their favorite two or three farmers to do most of their business with because they feel these farmers best meet their needs.

Different kinds of farmers

Since there are so many different kind of farmers at the Farmers' Market, they may never all be at the market at once. For example strawberry growers and blueberry growers are almost never at the market at the same time because the seasons of their crops do not overlap. On the other hand, our bakers and many of our farmers have a year round season -- such as chicken, maple syrup, or honey -- which are offered all season.

Walk the market

When first visiting the market -- and occassionally thereafter -- walk the market to see who is there and what is being offered. Even the farmers themselves do this to see how their own stands compare with those of other farmers. Your favorite farmer may not always be earliest with whats just starting to come into season, or may not grow that specialty item you've been searching for. Most farmers respect the "comparison shopper", and are not at all offended if you dont buy everything at their stand.

Talk to the farmers

They are generally well versed in what they do, and dont mind taking a minute to give gardening advice, discuss recipes, tell you when another farmer can be expected at market, or when strawberry season starts. This varies their routine at market, and spices up your day, as well, we hope.

Eat better -- Eat in season

There is a natural variety to meals that comes with eating the luscious just-picked local produce as it comes into season. The ancient clockwork of the growing season is skillfully fine tuned by clever growers using both modern and ancient methods of season extension for a longer harvest season.