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Unity Market Day

Annual Meeting

May 22, 2006

Present: Lois, Elaine, Judy, Peg, Doug, Hanne, Edie, Sam, Sister Elizabeth, Sister Bernadette, Peter, and Amanda

Lois called the meeting to order.

The first order of business was to vote whether to change the wording in Rule #7 in the Unity Market Day Rules. There was discussion. Elaine asked where wording came from. Amanda explained that she spoke with John Piotti, and he explained that it came about when they started the market. At that time, one of the goals of the market was to have it be as local as possible and to support western Waldo County growers. However as the market evolved, the wording was no longer necessary. Lois wondered if the wording were eliminated, would more farmers be attracted to participating in the market? Peter questioned, do we need other bigger farmers participating. Hanne mentioned that her experience at markets has been, the more farmers selling their products, the better she does, even with other meat sellers at the same market. Other farmers mentioned that those markets were in areas with larger populations.

The ballot to vote was circulated with six in favor of amending the rule and 1 opposed. The new wording is as follows:

Voting Membership is open to the owner(s) of a farm or food processing operation that has submitted an application prior to the application deadline and has been accepted by the UMD Review Committee to sell at the market. Each farm or food processing operation shall have a single vote."

A few people brought up questions, that they would like to have clarified. Did the market reimburse Unity Barn Raisers for the awning? What is the financial situation of the market? Amanda said she would find out the answers to these questions and get back to the farmers.

Election of new Board Members. Peter Curra, Sister Elizabeth, and Hanne, with Dan as her alternate, were elected to a two year term.

Amanda asked what the farmers thought are good ideas in attracting people to the market? All agreed the scavenger hunt was great in attracting children to the market. Amanda said she would try that.

Lois brought a copper sign made by a local artist in to show everyone. She asked if anyone would mind her bringing a few of his pieces to the market to display and try to sell at her stand. All agreed that would be fine. He could pay the $4.00 fee for every market that his product was there.

Questions arose as to the policy for crafts and crafters at the farmers’ market. All agreed that there had been discussion in the past as to how to deal with crafters. No one could specifically remember what was decided. All thought that crafters needed to pay the $4.00 booth fee every market they participated in, but not the $25.00 application fee. Amanda said she would check into this.

The meeting was adjourned.

A short Board Meeting followed with the following officers being elected.

Chair: Peter Curra
Vice Chair: Lois Labbe
Treasurer: Sister Elizabeth