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Unity Farmers' Market
Revision 18 March 2007

1. Purpose

The purpose of the Farmers' Market is to:

    a. Create opportunities for area farmers to sell more farm products locally

    b. Build stronger community through joining consumers and local food producers

    c. Strengthen local food security and agricultural viability

2. Steering Committee and Meetings

The steering committee shall consist of six Members: Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, Market Master, and two additional at large members. All committee members must be voting members of the Market, with each farm / vendor only represented once.

The Chair's Role is:

    a. Create agendas

    b. Conduct meetings

    c. Coordinate meetings

    d. Member of the steering committeeAppoint committees

    e. Be authorized to sign checks, but may only make payments that have been authorized by the general membership.

The Secretary's role is:

    a. Help to coordinate meetings

    b. Take and distribute minutes of all meetings

    c. Coordinate with webmaster

    d. Member of the steering committee

    c. Keep a roster of active members.

The Treasurer's role is:

    a. Manage financial account

    b. Be authorized to sign checks, but may only make payments that have been authorized by the general membership

    c. Present annual report to members

    d. Present monthly account to fiscal sponsor

    e. Member of the steering committee.

The Market Master's role is to:

    a. Maintain smooth operations of the market

    b. Enforce the rules of the Market when needed

    c. Communicate with facilities Managers

    d. Member of the steering committee

    e. Be an assitant to the Chair.

At least two At Large members, whose role is:

    a. Member of the steering committee.

The Steering Committee role is:

    a. Develop policies which strengthen the Market

    b. Protect the interests of the Market Members

    c. Support the Market master in creating a successful and organized Market

    d. Help coordinate advertising and promotional activities.

    e. Determine the annual dues

There will be a meeting at the end of the market season to discuss the market based on the previous year.

The Annual Meeting will be held each year sometime between March 15 and April 15, as determined by the Chair. All officers shall be elected annually by the general membership at the first Annual Meeting. All officers shall be elected for a one-year term. The Membership shall also elect new officers to fill any vacancies. An officer elected to fill such a position shall serve the remaining period of that term.

Written notice of Meetings must be sent at least 10 days before the event to all Voting Members of the Market. All such persons shall be granted full voting rights at Meetings. Two thirds of members represented a quorum.

5. Modification of these By Laws

These by laws may be modified by a two-thirds majority of all members that vote, either at the Annual Meeting or through a mailed ballot. Any proposed changes to these rules must be circulated to all Members at least 10 days prior to an Annual Meeting or the due date for mailed ballots. Proposed changes may be developed either by the steering committee or by a group of at least five Members petitioning the general membership to have its proposed changes considered. 6. Liquidation In the event of liquidation of the Unity Farmers' Market, all remaining funds will be donated to a local food pantry.