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Email Address Opportunity

Informational notice to all market members:

When we registered the domain name www.unitymarketday.org for the website, we got for free the ability to add up to 1,000 email addresses of the form "yourname@unitymarketday.org".

These are not real email addresses, but rather re-direction email addresses, which means that all mail sent to them is re-directed to a real email address. Therefore in order to use it, you must have a real email address that mail can be re-directed to. Mail arrives just as quickly, and mail sent to yourname@unitymarketday.org arrives in your regular inbox without any effort or changes on your part.

Why would someone want to do this, especially if they already have an email address? Two reasons: (1) It might be much easier for customers (and other members) to remember than some of the email addresses members have. And (2) if your real email address changes, we just change the re-direction to your new address, and the yourname@unitymarketday.org stays the same. So you won't have to re-paint your sign and re-print your business cards.

The "yourname" part can be anything, such as your first name or farm name. Couples can each have one, if they like, and they can be re-directed to the same or different real email addresses.

It takes me only a few minutes to create such an email address and re-direct it to your real address. If any market member would like to use this service, tell me what the yourname part should be and I will set it up for you. I can usually do it within a day of getting the request and it should become effective within 72 hours after I set it up. I'll send an "It's working!" email to your new address so you'll know when it's working.

~Tom Roberts, web weaver

Version: 25-Jan-2007.