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Unity Farmers’ Market

Market Rules

Revised: 27-Feb-2009

1. Location
The Unity Farmers’ Market will be held at the Unity Community Center located on School Street in Unity. All Members are required to leave their display space neat and tidy, and are responsible for removing any trash and garbage they generate. Vendors will adhere to a contractual agreement with facilities owners.

2. Day/Time/Season
The Unity Farmers’ Market shall meet each Saturday May through mid November, with farmers moving indoors as weather dictates from 9AM – 1PM. The Unity Farmers' Market will be held in conjunction with other events called Unity Market Day involving agricultural demonstrations, children’s programming, and more, which will be operated by Unity Barn Raisers or other civic organizations.

3. Membership Eligibility/Application Process/Duration of Membership
Voting Membership is open to the owner(s) of a farm or food processing operation or crafter who has submitted an application prior to the application deadline and has been accepted by the general membership to sell at the market. Each member shall have a single vote.
Prospective members who are primarily crafters will be admitted on a case-by-case basis. At no time shall the number of crafters be more than 20% of market members. Crafts will be limited to farm-related, natural or hand-made products, such as pottery, knitted goods, candles, soaps, baskets, etc.
Paid applications must be received by March 15 to guarantee membership for that year. Any application submitted after that date must be approved by the general membership. Such approvals will be made conservatively on a case-by-case basis. A prior year’s member in good standing remains a member automatically until April 15. General membership will review all new Unity Farmers’ Market membership applications, applications from returning members who are not in good standing, as well as applications from returning members that are received past the application deadline. All applicants accepted for membership will serve a probationary period not to exceed one (1) year’s market season. New applicants will be reviewed and voted at the April general meeting, which they are required to attend.

4. Agreements/Farm Visits
All members shall enter into an agreement of participation affirming the rules of the Unity Farmers’ Market by signing the application form. In addition, farmers will declare (on the yearly application form) the products they intend to sell and their anticipated level of attendance. The Market Master will arrange scheduled farm visits at a convenient time to confirm the application information so as to ensure the integrity of the Market.

5. Product Requirements
100% of all food or farm products offered for sale at the Market must be grown by Market Members. Members may offer for sale any of the products they indicated they intend to sell on their application. Members may sell their products themselves, through an employee, or through another member. In any instance where a Member is selling products that do not originate from his/her own farm or food processing operation, the origin of the products shall be clearly displayed. In all instances, the Market will uphold Maine State Law, which requires that 75% of what a Member sells must originate at his/her own farm or food processing operation, and be 100% native Maine produced.

6. Relationship with Sponsor
Unity Farmers’ Market will coordinate with Unity Barn Raisers and Unity Market Day. A contract will be negotiated on a annual basis.

7. Market Voids
A Market Void is any food or farm product that will not be offered at the Market in sufficient quantities to satisfy consumer demand.
The general membership may use any of the following courses of action to fill Market Voids after the March 15 application deadline:
a. Approve existing Members to sell products they did not list on their application
b. Approve the membership of late applicants
All such approvals will be made conservatively on a case-by-case basis, and only when the products to be provided will fill a recognized Market Void. The general membership may make such approvals to last any duration up to a full season.

8. Lay-out and daily Set-up
The Market will be set-up under the direction of the Market Master, based on a priority ranking established by the following Commitment Categories:

Category A: planned attendance for at least 6 months (highest priority)
Category B: planned attendance for 4 – 6 months (next priority)
Category C: planned attendance for at 3 or fewer months (least priority)

All displays shall include a sign that clearly identifies the farm and community where it is located. Members will maintain a walkway free of obstructions so customers may move freely from one farm’s display to the next. When farmers set up their tent at market the four legs of the tent must be on the black top, and not obstructing customer flow.

9. Fees
A yearly membership fee of $25.00 will be required by each applicant before membership is granted. In addition, Members who are present at the Market are required to pay a daily set-up fee of $4.00 for every Market attended. All fees will be designated to support the Market, as determined by the general membership.

10. Parking
The Market Master will designate parking areas for both Members and customers. Market participants may not leave vehicles parked on-site overnight. All disabled vehicles must be removed within a 24-hour period or will be removed by Unity Barn Raisers at the owner’s expense.

11. Presentation/Behavior
Attending Members are responsible for maintaining a clean, attractive, and pleasant atmosphere at the Market. The success of the Market depends on the Members’ display of cooperative spirit and friendly demeanor. Wearing shirts and shoes is required. The following activities are prohibited; a) use of profanity or other rude language; b) consumption of alcoholic beverages; c) hawking.

12. Violation of Rules
If a Member is suspected of violating any rule, the steering committee will appoint a committee consisting of the Market Master and at least two other Members to investigate. The accused Member will be notified and given an opportunity to answer the charges before this committee. Following the investigation, which may involve a farm visit, the committee will present its findings of the Board. If the Board determines that a violation of Market rules has occurred, it may revoke current membership or suspend future membership for a period not to exceed one year. Applicants may reapply to the membership in one year.

13. Modification of Rules
These rules may be modified by a simple majority of all members that vote, either at the Annual Meeting or through a mailed ballot. Any proposed changes to these rules must be circulated to all Members at least 10 days prior to an Annual Meeting or the due date for mailed ballots. Proposed changes may be developed by a group of at least five Members petitioning to have its proposed changes considered.