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Unity Market Day
Winter Meeting Minutes
February 13, 2007

Present: Hanne and Dan Tierney, Tom Roberts, Lois Labbe, Jack Cozart, Coco Page, Elaine Olson, Faith Carlson, Melissa Bastien, Sister Elizabeth, Sister Bernadette, Clayton Carter, Kendra Michaud, Tess Woods, and Amanda Jamison

Unity Market Day Rules: A committee was set-up to rewrite the rules and to write bylaws for the market. This is necessary now that Unity Barn Raisers (UBR) is no longer providing a market coordinator. Tess, Hanne, Sister E., and Lois volunteered to rewrite the rules and bylaws in draft form. It was agreed by all that the draft form would be e-mailed to those with e-mail and mailed to Peg so that all can review the rules and bylaws prior to the vote at the Annual Meeting, so that all will have ample time to send feed back prior to voting on them. Lois mentioned that UMD has never had bylaws, and it would be a good idea to draft bylaws. A few UMD members said there are many good examples of rules and bylaws from other markets to look at. Tom asked that Amanda provide a list of the functions performed by UBR and the market coordinator in the past, and give that to the committee working on the new rules. This will help them to make sure that work previously done by UBR, that will not be handled by UBR any longer, get done by UMD.

Tess explained why UBR is no longer going to provide a market coordinator. She stated that there really is not enough staff to cover this any longer. Also, it had been a goal from the beginning of UMD to have the farmers take over the market some day. Tess explained that UBR really wants to focus on the community programming at the market. This is what UBR does well and there is a need in the community for this. However, UBR definitely wants the market to succeed and will provide assistance to make that happen whenever needed.

Tess explained that UBR will no longer do a community meal every month, but is hoping to have a community meal every month by working with other organizations to do meals.

Lois stated that she would like to see the programming be more integrated with what the market is doing.

It was asked if UBR would still provide insurance for the market? Tess said, yes, that the Community Center has a general liability insurance year-round that would cover the market.

Tom stated that the Waterville Market is going to contract with the Downtown Waterville group for some services that it will still perform for the market. Tom suggested a similar set-up could be arranged with UBR. This relationship could then be formalized in the bylaws. Tess said that she understood about the contract but really felt that it is staff time that is lacking for UBR and wondered what UBR could offer. Tess added though that at this time it is fine for UBR to continue the end of the year bookkeeping with our accountant for the UMD account. However, if the market were going to go after grants or do more with the finances than done in the past, there may need to be a fee charged.

Tents: Amanda explained that there is not much storage for tents at the Community Center. Hanne said she would store the tents during the wintertime.

Access to the Community Center: Since there will not be a market coordinator at the Community Center to open it up for the farmers every Saturday morning, a key will be distributed to the Sisters and to Lois. Once Peter starts coming to the market, it was suggested that Lois should give that key to Peter since he arrives the earliest. Farmers will be responsible for passing the key on to someone else, if they do not plan on attending the next market.

Tess added that it would be great if the farmers could just run through the Community Center at the end of each market to make sure the toilet paper is stocked in the bathroom, garbage taken out, Community Center in good shape over all, and doors locked at the end of the market. Tess also stated that help with purchasing toilet paper and paper towels would help out UBR with maintenance costs associated with the Community Center.

Brochure/Website: Tom said he would take on the design and printing of the brochure. He has also added some new features to the www.unitymarketday.org website. He asked all farmers to look at the website describing their farm, and if they have any changes to let him know. He will have the website updated within 24 hours of each request. Tom asked these questions about the brochure:

When do you want it published? All replied as soon after application review process. Tom said he would have it done by April 22nd.

Print how many? 1000

How do people want to distribute the brochure? In the UBR newsletter, stores, the market, and other markets, Unity College campus, in every information packet to new students at the college. Jack said he would look into distributing them at Unity College.

A motion was made to include a $1.00 off coupon on each brochure. Vote: UNANIMOUS.

Annual Meeting: The Annual Meeting will take place on April 17th. The market applications are due on April 15th. At the Annual Meeting, the rules, bylaws and budget will be voted on. Everyone will be given ample time prior to the Annual Meeting to review the rules, bylaws, and budget in order to be able to give feed back. After the vote for accepting new rules, bylaws, and budget, the group will review applications and vote on any new applications. Then Tom will receive all important information for the brochure, so that he can have it done by April 22nd. The new suggested market rules, bylaws, and budget will be distributed no later than 10 days prior to the Annual Meeting.

Cooperative Stand formerly Annie & Co.: All agreed it was worth trying to keep the Cooperative Stand at the market, but all agreed they did not want to take it on. Instead Clayton offered to contact each person that sold through the stand to find out if they wanted to set it up as a cooperative, each taking turns being at the market throughout the summer. There was talk about whether the Cooperative should be a voting member of the market and what the annual fee would be and if there would be a stall fee every week. No final decision but a commitment to figure out all of these details. Clayton also suggested that it a Market Void Coordinator be one of the officers when the rules are rewritten so that the market can always look at ways to diversify.

The group also said that there needs to be more specifics in the rules about crafters, whether they are members, what they pay, etc. No final decision but again a commitment to figure out all of these details.

Other business:

The budget. A preliminary budget was talked about that being:

UBR newsletter advertising: $100 per issue or $300 for entire season (3 newsletters)

Brochure printing: $200

Website: $20

Any additional advertising: ? Hanne thought at this point we should hold off putting anymore money into additional advertising.

Sign Maintenance: ?

Mailings: ?

The market generates around $800 worth of income per year from application fees and stall fees.

Opening Day of Market: May 5th

Last Day of Market: November 17th

The meeting was adjourned at 7pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Amanda Jamison