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Unity Farmers Market

Annual Meeting

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Meeting was held at 5 PM at Unity Community Center. In attendance: Tess Woods (representing Unity Barn Raisers), Peg Byrne, Sr. Bernadette Kasinathan, Linda & Gary Kersbergen, Lois Labbe, Clayton Carter, Tom Roberts, Dan Tierney, Sr. Elizabeth Wagner.

Lois called the meeting to order at 5 PM. First item of business was election of a secretary. Sr. Elizabeth offered, and was unanimously voted in as secretary.

The relationship of the market with UBR was discussed. Tess passed around a copy of UBR’s usage agreement for the community center, as a model of the contract with the farmers market. Tom noted that items to be added to it are: that UBR will continue to do press releases, 3 advertisements in this year’s newsletters, and will continue to coordinate other activities (such as community dinners, yard sales, etc) with the market.

Discussion then moved on to the proposed by-laws. It was decided that Lois as vice chair should continue to preside at the meeting, in the absence of Peter, the chair. Sr. Elizabeth had already been elected secretary, and was elected treasurer last year. There was some discussion regarding re-election of all officers, but since Peter was absent, it was decided to stick to current officers. Clayton offered to serve as market master, and was voted in unanimously. Sr. E asked about signing checks: does she need a specific vote for each and every check? Tom noted that everything already approved in the budget could be paid for, future expenses will need future approval. Everyone concurred. Everyone also concurred that it made sense for the treasurer to continue to collect dues (as last year), since she (or he) will also be the one to make deposits.

A question arose about the two members-at-large, but various people remembered that Dan (and/or Hanne as alternate) and Linda had been elected at a previous meeting. (Secretary’s note: I checked with the minutes of that meeting, and we remembered correctly!)
Clayton moved that the by-laws be approved as revised; Sr. Elizabeth seconded, motion was unanimously approved.

Discussion then moved on to the Market Rules. Sr. E suggested a change in wording in the last sentence of #1, to clarify that it is the market as a whole which has the contractual agreement with UBR.

Clayton then reported on the status of Annie’s coop stand. No one has yet applied, although when he called the vendors, they all expressed interest. He said he would try them again, but at present there will be no Annie’s stand. Lois suggested we leave the provisions for Annie’s in the rules for now, just in case it might happen in the future. We reviewed the voids this would leave: cheese, eggs, chicken, honey, hummus, milk, and ice cream. Lots of voids, unfortunately.

Sr. E moved that the Market Rules be accepted, with the one revision, Clayton seconded, motion was carried unanimously.

No further vote was taken on the preliminary budget from last meeting, as it seemed acceptable to all.

Tom reported on the brochures. He will print 1,000. Some discussion about paper color; blue was chosen for this year. We may use different colors for different years. Tom had the preliminary brochure for inspection, and needed any proposed changes to farm descriptions ASAP. The website descriptions can change as needed. Price for printing the brochures will be approximately $130.

There was some discussion about the advertising in the UBR newsletter. Tess reported that they currently have a grant that helps subsidize the current page that the market uses for advertising, but the grant will not be there next year. Tom wondered if it would be better to insert one of the market brochures? Tess said that the current newsletter is already done; she needs to know by May 19 if we want to change anything for the June newsletter, which is currently scheduled to list the farms, with photos, and have a schedule of market events. It was finally decided to remain with the current advertising for this year, and perhaps use brochures as inserts next year.

The market revisited the subject of the contract with UBR, and decided to accept UBR’s usage agreement, with the additions about press releases, ads in the newsletters, and coordination with other activities. Sr. E moved to approve the usage agreement with these additions, Tom seconded, and it carried unanimously. There was some discussion about opening up and cleanup activities that members need to do each week.

In final business, Tess said she would be on hand at opening day for the yard sale and dinner, and would give us us keys then, and will give the treasurer the checkbook at that time.

Sr. E moved that we adjourn, Clayton seconded, unanimous. Meeting was adjourned at 6:15 PM.

Respectfully submitted,
Sr. Elizabeth Wagner,