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Unity Farmers’ Market Meeting

April 8, 2008

Present: Hanne Tierney, Tom Roberts, Lois Labbe, Elaine Olsen, Judy Stoodley, Peg Byrne, Erin McWalters, Tess Woods, Amanda Jamison

New Applications:

Lakeside Alpaca, Thorndike
Motion to accept application – Hanne
Seconded – Lois
No discussion
Approved –Unanimous

Gifts Galore, Augusta
Motion to decline application – Hanne
Seconded – Judy
Discussion over not meeting farmers’ market requirements.
Declined – Unanimous

Judy’s Kitchen, Troy
Discussion over how to fit Judy’s stand into the market given the bylaws and farmers market requirements of 75% self-produced with only 25% bought-in.
Final motion to accept Judy’s Kitchen as a member but stress that if sales of buy-ins exceed 25% of total sales she will also need to establish a co-op stand in accordance with Rule 13 of the Unity farmers’ market bylaws – Tom
Seconded – Elaine
Further clarification to be provided:
All buy-ins must be clearly labeled
Judy is responsible for ensuring that she has all necessary licenses
The vendors would like a clear list of all products that Judy will be selling before or on the first day of market for review
Accepted – Unanimous

Dawn Fairfield needs to be put on the bank account as Treasurer. Amanda will getthe necessary paperwork and coordinate with Dawn.

Members agreed to have 1,000 copies of brochure printed. The coupon from last year will be deleted. Tom will email Judy for a description of her products. The brochure was passed around for changes. Hanne pointed out that Fail better and La Hermitage needed to be removed.

Erin will check with GW Martin about running the Unity Market Day ad throughout the season. No other advertising will be done at this time.

Lois suggested that UBR be given a donation from the market. Discussion followed about a donation versus a fee for service. Lois made a motion to give UBR a donation of $1,000 this year and to move to a fee for services based on a percentage of income generated next year.
Seconded – Judy
Approved – Unanimous

Amanda suggested the market have more tote bags made for promotional purposes. The vendors will revisit this subject.

Amanda and Erin have coordinated activities for the market for this summer. UBR has received a small grant from Inland Hospital to help sponsor these monthly activities.
1st- Community Meals (hopefully Community Bike Rides)
2nd – FUW nature based activities
3rd – Cooking/gardening
4th – Taste of the Market with Melissa Bastien

Meeting adjourned.