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Functions performed by Unity Barn Raisers in 2006
As written by UBR, April, 2007.


  • Provide use of Community Center at no charge
  • Provide insurance for Community Center

Community Center

  • Provide bathroom, kitchen, refrigerator and some indoor space to farmers
  • Close building at end of the market
  • Bathroom clean
  • Tables clean and put away
  • Awning rolled up and down
  • Store tents
  • Provide garbage removal


  • Brochure design, printing and distribution
  • UMD page design in UBR newsletter
  • Street sign maintenance and put out 5 out of the 6 signs every Saturday
  • Hung OPEN flag every week
  • Press releases
  • E-mail updates to UBR e-mail list
  • Any new signs – had them made


  • Mailing of applications to current members and to new applicants
  • Organize review of new applications
  • Photocopying
  • Fielding phone calls/e-mails from potential vendors, customers, etc…
  • Reminder phone calls to some UMD members about meetings


  • Bank deposit of application fees
  • Bank deposit every week of stall fees
  • Wrote checks to pay for any UMD expenses
  • Kept the books and reported on income/expense and balance of account at meetings
  • UBR has accountant that reviews the UMD books at the end of the season