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Winter Meeting Agenda

Draft version

Please add your suggestions.

February 13, 5 pm at the Community Center.

  • Updating the Market Rules for 2007, including member acceptance procedure, relationship to UBR, and probably other areas.

  • Updating Application for 2007.

  • UBR handling the Events web page instead of UMD.

  • Changes to the market with UBR no longer sponsoring the market or providing a market coordinator.

  • What is to be done about the Annie's stand.

  • UBRs programming ideas for the 2007 season.

  • UMD Web Site and Brochure. Tom Roberts (Snakeroot Organic Farm) has agreed to do our brochure as well as the website for 2007.
    • Website has been updated for easier use by members and shoppers.
    • Tom needs info on applications before brochure and website member directory can be completed.
    • Brochure publication date? Number to be printed? How will brochure distribution be handled?

Last updated: 25-Jan-2007.