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Richard Wilson

Some people are lucky enough to find a job where they thrive. Richard Wilson's break came when Jim Miceli appointed him as his legislative aide in 1979.

"He's a legend in the State House," said Jim. He had more longevity than any other aide. Dick mastered the rules of the House to the point where he would receive calls from the House Counsel's office asking his opinion," said Jim.

Much of Dick's work in Rep. Miceli's office was helping people with problems -- insurance, retirement, hospitalization, whatever. "He so liked helping people," said Margaret Wilson. "It was actually fun to watch. He didn't shy away from it."

He worked in Rep. Miceli's office for nearly 20 years and was promoted to the position of chief of staff.

Margaret and Dick had three children, Timothy, Jeffrey and Sarah. Dick also had three step-daughters from a previous marriage.

Dick had a passion for cars, and restored a 1963 Chrysler Imperial convertible. He actually bought the same car twice. He sold it to his brother, who later sold it. Dick saw it sitting in a garage, and bought it back. The family still owns it. He also owned a couple of other Imperials as well.

"That was our recreation," said Margaret, "Sunday drives. He knew every back road between here and Manchester, N.H."

Dick had a collection of thousands of LP's, inherited from an uncle. He had a stereo setup in the basement, and he loved loud music.

In the late 1990's, he transferred to a patient relations position at the Tewksbury State Hospital, where he was also the hospital historian.

Dick went through school with the Class of 1964, but was unable to graduate with the class. He received his GED a year later.

Richard Wilson died on Sept. 20, 2001.

(Submitted by Larz (Fred) Neilson, 26-Dec-05.)

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