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How does anyone go about finding lost classmates?

Here are some ideas. We welcome others.

This email from Judy Langone shows one way of finding missing classmates.

    Good morning,
    As usual I read the morning obits with my cup of tea. I noticed that Teddy Kinnear's brother passed away. Until very recently Teddy lived less than a mile away from me. On day I spotted a "Sold" sign on his house, and figured I had lost him for good. The obit listed him in Kissimmee, FL. I just search the white pages and bingo! Just think only 72 more to go.
    I love the internet-

Do a Google search for the classmate's name in quotes, and include
wilmington -delaware -carolina
so the search will find a name with a reference to Wilmington, but not those in Delaware or North Carolina. Search the results for an email address of the classmate, and send them an email identifying yourself and asking if they are a WHS Class of '64 alumnus, and if so to reply to this message.

Do a search for the classmate in BigFoot.com, and send a similar email to any of the search results.

To increase your motivation, choose someone to search for who is perhaps a long lost friend.

These suggestions from Dawne Burns brother Chuck, who maintains the WHS Class of '62 website.

    Congratulations on your new website!!

    I just wanted to let you know some of the routes we went in order to have such success in finding classmates.

    The most obvious was Classmates.com of which you are a member. Unfortunately some sign in and never check back for messages.

    The second avenue was the search engine US Search found at: http://www.ussearch.com you need only to enter first and last names and approximate age. This will help you narrow the search even if you don't know what state they currently live in. It helps if you know the middle initial especially if they have a common name.

    We next used a White Pages search engine called AnyWho to look for phone number and addresses. It can be found by clicking on: http://www.anywho.com/

    The toughest to find are the ladies when you don't know their married names or they have remarried and not kept in contact with anyone in their class.

    One other way I found to be of help was looking for their parents by using the above search engines; this was the only way of finding the abovementioned out-of-contact ladies. Be prepared for the possibility of the classmate being deceased.

    Have fun, we did, and if we can be of any assistance, let me know.

    Best wishes,
    Bill (Chuck) Burns WHS'62

We could use your help making this website more complete.
Feel free to contact the webweaver or Judy (Carney) Langone with information about classmates, recent pictures, etc..

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