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Hello classmates!

Creating a WHS Class of '64 Website we can all be proud of requires a considerable amount of work. Tom Roberts is doing the web page creation pro bono. Judy Langone has provided much of the information for the site and scanned many of the pictures, including yearbook pictures. Jim Webster scanned some of the class pictures and reduced all picture file sizes so they load more quickly in your browser. Several classmates have already sent in their updates and recent pictures. However, we are encouraging all classmates to help improve this site in whatever manner, large or small.

Many items of interest to the Class of '64 have already been included in the websites of other WHS classes, especially Class of '61 and the Class of '62, and we link directly to these where appropriate.

However, there are still many ways we hope to expand this website with information particular to the Class of '64. This is where you come in. Here is what we are hoping to do, and how you may be able to help out.

  • From The Hourglass yearbook, re-type the Valedictory, Salutatory, Class Essay, Class Will, and / or Class History and send it to us via email. (These have now been scanned and are online.)

  • Recent pictures of any classmate for the Recent Pictures Page. Everyone can help out on this! Send us your picture or that of a classmate. Electronic format preferred, but not necessary.

  • Contact information for any of our missing classmates. If you would like to do some detective work and try to locate an old friend or acquaintance, perhaps via Google or BigFoot, that would be wonderful. In the first two months from the initial opening of this website on 29-Feb-04, fourteen missing classmates were located. That still leaves fifty seven classmates, or about a quarter of the class, who we still have no way of getting in touch with.

  • Information about any of our deceased classmates, including dates, testimonials, pictures, newspaper articles, or personal memories to share. Several people have already contributed obituaries, testimonials, newspaper articles and photos.

  • Pictures and / or stories of favorite teachers.

  • Suggest more Wilmington or Class of '64 related links we could include.

  • Tell us of other ways the website can reflect the interests of the members of the Class of '64.

  • Review each page of the whs1964.org website and report mispellings, factual errors, links that don't work, weird page colors, or other problems, to either Tom or Judy.

"The vision for the website I have is that if everyone (dreamer! -- I should say "many people") participate in supplying pix, scanning pix, adding tidbits of info, spreading the word to other classmates, and so forth, then the workload should be lighter for all, and the website so much the better. That is one reason I hope to be fairly meticulous about attributing who has submitted information. It is also a public way of thanking folks for pitching in."
-- Tom Roberts

Page created 1-Mar-04.
Last updated 2-Jan-06.

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